Eric Langager     王长野

Xiangshan Nanxincun 10-13
Haidian District
Beijing 100093 CHINA
Phone: 86 13681031447
Email: [email protected]

OBJECTIVE: I am based in Beijing and am interested in doing relief and development in the country of Afghanistan. I am most interested in education, but I also think that given the current instability, an educational facility would perhaps need to provide more comprehensive provision than would be expected in an ordinary day school.

  • Industry certified technical trainer with a demonstrated ability to learn and teach new systems. Particularly adept at helping individuals with a limited background to develop a high level of proficiency.

  • Effective communicator with proven ability to present abstract concepts, detailed and complex information in an understandable manner.

  • Comfortable and assured in both group and one-to-one instruction. Establishes and maintains a friendly, interactive learning environment.

  • Provides resourceful curriculum design and modification to best fit individual student needs and learning styles.

EDUCATION / CERTIFICATIONS:         (Click on link for full image.) Certifications: Oracle9i DBA Certified Associate -- 11/2003
Arizona Community College Certificate -- 09/1999
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer -- 10/1998

Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Psychology -- 1986

University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bachelor of Science in Education -- 1978
Oregon College of Education, Monmouth, Oregon

PROFESSIONAL OVERVIEW: ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR -- 01/2004 to 01/2010 [Beihang University has an upper age limit of 55 for foreign professors.], College of Software, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing, China
  1. Designed the graduate Oracle DBA course here on the Beijing Campus.

  2. Designed and implemented the Intro to SQL course, to accommodate bright students who may have trouble with oral English.

  3. Designed and built the PL/SQL course to give students basic knowledge of the essential Oracle programming language.

  4. Designed special courses for students from Beihai College in Guangxi Province.

  5. Taught Oracle courses in Beihai (South China) as a visting professor during three semesters.

  6. Facilitated upgrade and maintenance of lab network.

  7. Adapted and taught the DBA course to students with high level of experience, but some language learning difficulty at Fujitsu in Fuzhou.

  8. Established the Oracle Study Group for students pursuing Oracle Certification.

  9. Implemented the adaptation of the Oracle curriculum into the Software English courses, to facilitate the long-term objective of enhancing English learning by teaching content courses in English.

  10. Recruited and trained TA's for the purpose of teaching in a multi-language environment.

  11. Designed curriculum and course content for the Oracle Database courses.

  12. Designed and built the student web site for distribution of materials.

  13. Designed lab exercises taylored to non-native speakers.

  14. Taught Oracle database courses in a lab environment in the English language to students with varying levels of English proficiency.

  15. Met with students on an individual basis to assist with adjustment to cross-cultural learning environment.

  16. Designed and built online tests to facilitate the distance learning portion of my courses.

  17. Adapted and taught the graduate DBA course to students at South China Institute of Software Engineering, employing a combination of local and distance learning tools.

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR -- 03/2000 to 01/2004, College of Software Engineering, University of Advancing Computer Technology, Tempe, Arizona

  1. Designed course materials and wrote syllabi for Networking courses.

  2. Designed and wrote lab exercises used by Networking instructors.

  3. Taught Microsoft systems courses in a classroom setting, including Exchange Server, Internet Information Server, SQL Server, as well as the Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 server platforms and the Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP client platforms.

  4. Designed, developed, and taught the Oracle Database courses for the University.

  5. Served as Oracle Database Administrator for the University.

  6. Worked with other faculty in the Software College on Curriculum design and revision.

  7. Designed and maintained student website for distribution of student materials.

  8. Provided academic guidance and career advisement for a wide variety of students in the University.

  9. Submitted training requests, and participated in Oracle training by Oracle trainers in Phoenix, Arizona and San Francisco, California, including Oracle8i DBA, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, Oracle9i Fundamentals I and Oracle9i Fundamentals II.

IT INSTRUCTOR -- 08/1999 to 03/2000, South Mountain Community College, Phoenix, Arizona

  1. As an adjunct instructor, designed and devoped the Microsoft Network Engineering program for the College.

  2. Taught Network Engineering courses in a classroom/lab setting at the college, including, Windows NT Server system, Windows NT client system and Networking Essentials.

  3. As a cooperative program with the College, performed network administration for a local charter school, including administration of the Exchange email distribution server.

  4. Provided academic advisement for students at the College.

LEARNING ADVISOR / Y2K PROJECT MANAGER -- 06/1998 to 07/1999, Systems, Scottsdale, Arizona

  1. Taught systems engineering courses over the internet to English speaking students throughout the world. I worked the night shift (midnight to 8 am), so most of my students were in Europe and Australia.

  2. Developed and wrote training courses for online delivery.

  3. Provided technical consulting for end users.

  4. Corresponded with students through email, and served as a mentor by way of online chat rooms.

  5. Served as Y2K Project Manager after the training division moved to Canada.


References available upon request.